Earth-Points Details Page

Earth-Points is great for people who are looking for a connection to their loved ones that are far away. For example, large distances separate family members of the armed forces and being able to visualize where loved ones actually are can be comforting. People who are far away can set up Earth-Points to point home. While on a cruise, using only the latitude and longitude of your position will have Earth-Points point back home. Radio “Hams” can visualize where they are talking to around the globe.

People that believe in ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) can use Earth-Points as an Energy Director or a Mental Telepathy Amplifier. If you want to have an Extra Sensory Experience with something or to communicate at a distance, it is helpful to be able visualize where it is. With Earth-Points you know that exactly, the brass arrow is pointing to it!

With only seconds needed for setup, Earth-Points creates a harmonic energy directing effect that can be used for long distance healing, meditation, prayer and virtual orienteering.

Earth-Points is useful for worshippers such as Muslems who need to face towards Mecca and people of the Jewish faith who want to face Jerusalem during prayers. Settings for Mecca and Jerusalem, and hundreds of other cities around the world, are provided and it takes only a few minutes to set up.

Place a picture of your loved one that is far away or a distant place of interest under the base, set up the unit to point to it and you have a reminder of where that place or person is.

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